What Is Hodeidah Agreement

The members of the Security Council also condemned the violence and urged the parties to reaffirm their commitment to political agreements. The United States representative decried the recent Houthi attack against Abha airport, pressing Iran to stop supplying Houthi rebels with weapons. Pointing to strides made in implementing the Hodeidah Agreement, he called for greater efforts to address contentious issues. The Houthis must demonstrate that they are serious about the peace process by removing their troops as agreed in the Stockholm Agreement. The Stockholm Agreement is a voluntary agreement between the parties to the conflict in Yemen. It was approved on 13 December 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Stockholm Agreement consists of three main elements: it reported substantial progress and said it had been assured this morning that an agreement was within reach and expressed the hope that outstanding issues could be resolved in the coming days or even hours. Once an agreement is signed, WFP is ready to implement it to ensure that the right people receive food, and to allow a cash program to stimulate the economy. ”But let`s be clear,” he said. ”If we do not reach an agreement or if we do not reach an agreement and if we do not make progress in implementation, we will be in the same position as we are in today, if not worse.

But let us hope and pray that everyone will do what is good for the people of Yemen. What we need is a broader geographic perspective, not a narrower perspective. Yemen, the Gulf and the international community should strive to reach a national peace agreement. The examples of Hodeida and Taiz have incentivised violence on several fronts and come to be no solution, as many Yemeni analysts predicted in December. The review of each part of the agreement suggests that international attention to findings of serious international crimes and human rights violations in Yemen played a role in influencing the parties` actions to accept the conditions and conditions to which they ultimately agreed in Sweden. While Yemen remains the world`s worst humanitarian crisis, the Stockholm agreement has managed to avert a further deterioration that would have put hundreds of thousands of Yemeni lives at risk. The Hudaydah agreement prevented a potentially catastrophic offensive on the city and ports. The ceasefire, which came into force on December 18, 2018, has contributed to a safer environment for civilians. An estimated 150,000 people who had left the city returned after the agreement came into force, with the ceasefire still largely in effect. Tomorrow morning (13 March), Council members will hold consultations to hear briefings from Martin Griffiths, Special Envoy for Yemen, and General Michael Lollesgaard, Chair of the Redemption Coordination Committee (RCC) and head of the Unmha Support Mission in Hodeidah.