Supplemental Agreement Contract Modification

4. The contractor ensures that a cost analysis is carried out, if any, at point 15.404-1 (c) and takes into account the separate costs of the licensee`s amendment, if any. When additional appropriations are required as a result of the amendment, the client insures the funds before making an adjustment to the contract. Administrative amendments are unilateral amendments that do not affect the material rights of the parties. They are used to make changes such as . B changes to the paying agency or the name of the contract agent. The holder may insert into tenders and contracts a clause that is essentially identical to clause 52.243-7, communication of amendment. The clause can be used primarily in negotiated research and development or supply contracts for the acquisition of large weapons systems or large systems. If the amount of the contract is likely to be less than $1,000,000, the clause will not be used unless the contractor expects a situation that could lead a contractor to say that the government has made other changes identified as such and that it has been signed by the contracting agent. 43.101 Definitions. As noted in this sub-amendment, this means a unilateral modification of the contract (see 43.103 b)) in writing, without prejudice to the material rights of the parties (e.g.

B a change in the paying body or appropriation data). Effective date 1. In the event of a change, amendment or change in administration, the effective date is the date of issuance of the change, the change order or the administrative change. 2. In the case of an endorsement, the date agreed by the contracting parties is the effective date. 3. In the case of a change issued to confirm the termination of the government`s obligation, the effective date of the confirmation communication is the same as when the original notice came into effect. (4) In the case of a change that transforms a termination of the non-cause into a dismissal at the will of the government, the effective date is the date of termination of the delay. (5) In the case of an amendment confirming the prior finding of the amount due to the termination of the contract, the effective date of the previous letter is the same. 43.102 Directive. (a) Only contract agents acting within their jurisdiction are entitled to make contract changes on behalf of the government; Other government staff cannot change the contract; (2) so that the contractor feels that he or she has the power to hire the government; or (3) direct or encourage the contractor to perform work that should be amended.